E-copies of recent papers




  • Grandpierre, A. 2020, Some Traces of Ancient Hungarian Ecological Civilization and Recent Trends Towards Green Development in Hungary (Wulong Forum on Green Development 2020, China).
  • Grandpierre, A. 2020, Mohism, Confucianism and the Seven Fundamental Cosmic Communities of Life (submitted). Video talk presented at The 13th International Mozi Luban Conference and Global Forum on Confucianism (2020). International Academic Conference on Confucianism, Mohism, and National Governance, November 2-12, 2020, in Jinan, Shandong Province, China
  • Grandpierre, A. 2020, Továbbélő őstörténelem. Az egészséges nemzettudat történelmi alapjai és a jövő magyar nemzeteszméje (Ancient History Survives in Us. The Foundations of the Healthy National Identity and the Hungarian National Identity for our Future, in Hungarian; Mi Magunk 2020, 394-435; Grandpierre2020Továbbélő őstörténelem – Mi magunk 394-435).
  • Grandpierre, A. 2020, A magyar nemzettudat történelmi alapjai (The Historical Foundations of the Hungarian National Identity, in Hungarian) Napút 2020 január-február, XXII. évf. 1. szám, 239-249.Grandpierre Atilla 2020 A magyar nemzettudat történelmi alapjai Napút 211
  • Grandpierre, A. 2020, China’s Ecological Civilization from a Hungarian Viewpoint. Process Perspectives 42: 9-10. Grandpierre2020China’s Ecological Civilization from a Hungarian Viewpoint


  • Grandpierre, A. 2019, Ősi Magyarország. A Kárpát-medence és a Selyemút népeinek felemelkedése (Ancient Hungary. The Rise of the Peoples of the Carpathian Basin and the Silk Road, in Hungarian). Titokfejtő Könyvkiadó.
  • Grandpierre, A. 2019, Some Traces of Ancient Hungarian Ecological Civilization and its Connection with the Ancient Silk Road and Chinese Civilization (Wulong Forum 2019)
  • Grandpierre, A. 2019, Scientific Foundations for the Strategy for Working Together to Create an Ecological Civilization (Yeoju Eco-Forum, South Korea 2019)
  • Grandpierre, A. 2019, Ecological Civilization, Ecovillages and Household Economies — from a Hungarian Perspective. In: Ecological Transition, from Philosophy to Policy. 2019 Ecological Civilization in Korea Conference. 2019.9.30-10.1, Soeul, 303-316. pdf: Grandpierre2019Ecovillages and Household Economies
  • Grandpierre, A. 2019, AZ ÖKOLÓGIAI CIVILIZÁCIÓ TUDOMÁNYOS MEGALAPOZÁSA ÉS AZ EGÉSZSÉGES VILÁGNÉZET TÁRSADALMI JELENTŐSÉGE (The Scientific Foundation of the Ecological Civilization and the Social Significance of its Healthy Worldview, in Hungarian) Hungarian Geopolitics (HUG) 2019/2, 183-203. Grandpierre 2019 Az ökológiai civilizáció tudományos megalapozása
  • Grandpierre, A. 2019, Az Új Selyemút és az ősi eurázsiai civilizáció (The New Silk Road and the Ancient Eurasian Civilization, in Hungarian). Hungarian Geopolitics (HUG) 2019/2, 173-182 HUG 2019_2. szám Grandpierre Az Új Selyemút és az ősi eurázsiai civilizáció
  • Grandpierre, A. 2019, A Selyemút természetföldrajza – a Puszta világtörténelmi jelentősége (submitted, The Geography of the Silk Road – the Significance of the Great Eurasian Plains for World History; in Hungarian). Megjelent: Hungarian Geopolitics 2019/3, 164-179. 20190717 A Selyemút természetföldrajza



  • Grandpierre, A. 2017, 11th Eco-Forum and Regaining Healthy Communal Perspectives. Process Perspectives, Winter 2017, 18-19. Grandpierre201711th Eco-Forum (pdf).
  • Grandpierre, A. 2017, A New Theory of the Sun and Life: The Helios Theory and the Connection between Solar Research and the Ecological Civilization. Hungarian Geopolitics (HUG) 2017/1, 180-191.
  • Grandpierre2017The New Silk Road and the Ancient Eurasian Civilization HUG 2017-3, 156-167. (pdf).
  • Grandpierre, A. 2017, From Modern Civilization to the Scientific Foundation of the Ecological Civilization. Talk presented at the 11th International Forum on Ecological Civilization, Claremont University, CA GrandpierreEcoCiv  (pdf).
  • Interview by Dr. Jay McDaniel, professor of religion, Hendrix College, Arkansas, USA: Song to the Stars. Introducing Attila Grandpierre and the Galloping Wonder Stag: http://www.jesusjazzbuddhism.org/galloping-wonder-stag-attila-grandpierre.html  Galloping Wonder Stag: Attila Grandpierre – Source for Open Horizons (pdf).


  • Grandpierre, A. 2016, Relationships of the Folk Music Corpora of the Silk Road. Hungarian Geopolitics  2016/3, 54-63 (Grandpierre2016FolkMusicSilkRoadA pdf, in English; Grandpierre 丝绸之路沿线 民间音乐之间的关系Folk-Music of the Silk Road Chinese HUG2016 pdf, in Chinese).
  • Grandpierre, A. 2016, Punk As a Rebirth of Shamanist Folk Music. Published in: Notes from the Underground. Art and Underground Music in Eastern Europe 1968-1994. Red. David Crowley, Daniel Muzyczuk, Muzeum Sztuki, Łodz / Koenig Books, London, 2016, 240-256; first appeared in Jó világ [Good world], a 1983 Loránd Eötvös University publication edited by Annamária Szőke and Lászlo Beke (in Hungarian), Grandpierre2016Punk As a Rebirth of Shamanist Folk Music Lodz (pdf).
  • Grandpierre, A. 2016, The Significance of the First Principles of Science. Talk presented at the “First Principles In Science: Their Epistemic Status And Justification” conference, The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munich, 10-11 June 2016.
  • Grandpierre, A. 2016, A naptevékenység és jelentősége életünkben (Solar activity and its significance for our life. In Hungarian). in: A Nap szerepe a társadalom életében. Tanulmánykötet, szerk. Antal Z. László. Argumentum Kiadó, Budapest.
  • Grandpierre, A. 2016, Kozmologia es antropikus elv (Cosmology and the Anthropic Principle – in Hungarian). Lelek Enciklopedia (Encyclopedia of the Soul), Gondolat Kiadó, Budapest, 414-424.Grandpierre2016Kozmológia és antropikus elvek (pdf).


  • Grandpierre, A. 2015, The Origin of Solar Activity: Local Thermonuclear Runaways in Hot Bubbles and Their Triggers. Chapter 8 in: Planetary Influences in Solar Activity, ed. N.-A. Mörner, 91-108. Grandpierre2015SolarActivityChapter 8-2 (pdf).


  • Grandpierre, A., Chopra, D. and Kafatos, M. 2014, The Universal Principle of Biology. NeuroQuantology Vol. 12, No. 3, 364-373 Grandpierre2014UniversalPrincipleBiology
  • Grandpierre, A. 2014, Biologically Organized Quantum Vacuum and the Cosmic Origin of Cellular Life. in: Phenomenology of Space and Time. Book 1. The Forces of the Cosmos and the Ontopoietic Genesis of Life. Analecta Husserliana 116: 107-133.Grandpierre2014BiologicallyOrganizedQuantumVacuum [pdf version] http://www.springer.com/philosophy/book/978-3-319-02014-3
  • Grandpierre, A. 2014, Does The Universe Have a Physical, Biological or Psychological Nature? In:
    Brain, Mind, Cosmos: The Nature of Our Existence and the Universe (Sages and Scientists Series Book 1) [Kindle Edition] Notable Scientists and Philosophers (Author), Deepak Chopra (Editor) E-book Grandpierre2014Does the Universe have a physical2 Brain, Mind, Cosmos at Amazon.com  (published in August 2014)
  • Grandpierre, A. 2014. A Model-Independent Method to Analyze The Logic of World Models. in: Phenomenological Paths in Post-Modernity, ed. D. Verducci, pp. 519-560. Grandpierre2014Model-IndependentA (pdf)


  • Jordan N. Mamone, 2013. Contemplating the Heavens with VHK’s Atilla Grandpierre. Contemplating the Heavens with VHK’s Atilla Grandpierre Nov 26 2013
  • Grandpierre, A., Deepak Chopra, Murali Doraiswamy, Rudolph Tanzi, Menas Kafatos: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Mind and Consciousness. NeuroQuantology 11 (4), 607-617.  (pdf)   http://www.neuroquantology.com/index.php/journal/article/view/703
  • Grandpierre Attila: The Living Universe: Why Do We Need to Know Whether or Not the Universe is Alive? Kosmos Journal, Fall/Winter 2013, 43  (pdf)
  • Grandpierre, A. and Kafatos, M. 2013. Genuine Biological Autonomy: How can the Spooky Finger of Mind Play on the Physical Keyboard of the Brain? CHAPTER NINE in: AN ANTHOLOGY OF PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES VOLUME 7, Edited by Patricia Hanna, Athens Institute for Education and Research, pp.83-98.  (pdf)
  • Grandpierre, A. 2013. The Sun and our Lives. (pdf)  Talk at the S. U. N. Festival, 26th July, 2013
  • Grandpierre, A. 2013, The Origin of Cellular Life and Biosemiotics. Biosemiotics 6 (3), 421-435. Published online: 24 February 2013 http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs12304-013-9173-9, DOI 10.1007/s12304-013-9173-9. [ (pdf) ]


  • Grandpierre, A. and Kafatos, M. 2012, Biological Autonomy ( (pdf) )
  • Grandpierre, A. 2012, Genuine Biological Autonomy: How can the Spooky Finger of Mind Play on the Physical Keyboard of the Brain? Athens: ATINER’S Conference Paper Series, No: PHI2012-0197. [pdf]
  • Grandpierre, A. 2012, A biological account of design in Nature. Origin of Design in Nature. Eds. Swan, L.S., Gordon, R., and Seckbach, J. Springer, pp. 17-41. [pdf]
  • Grandpierre, A. 2012, Entropy, Extropy and the Physical Driver of Irreversibility. INDECS 10.2 (2012): 73-79, [pdf]

2011 and earlier

  • Grandpierre, A. 2011, The Biological Principle of Natural Sciences and the Logos of Life of Natural Philosophy: a Comparison and the Perspectives of Unifying the Science and Philosophy of Life. Analecta Husserliana 110: 711-727. [pdf] .
  • Grandpierre, A. 2011, On the first principle of biology and the foundation of the universal science. In: Astronomy and Civilization in the New Enlightenment, eds. Tymieniecka, A.-T. and Grandpierre, A. Analecta Husserliana, Springer, 107: 19-36. [pdf]
  • Grandpierre, A. 2010. Dynamism in the Solar Core. In: Proceedings of the Third UN/ESA/NASA Workshop on the International Heliophysical Year 2007 and Basic Space Science, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Tokyo. Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings, eds. Hans J. Haubold and A.M. Mathai. Springer, 103-139, 2010. [pdf]
  • Attila Grandpierre, Katalin Martinás and Noémi Medve, 2010. On the theory of human decisions. Zagrab, Complex Societal Dynamics: Security Challenges and Opportunities. 9-11 December 2009, Zagrab, Croatia, eds. K. Martinás, D. Matika, A. Srbljinovic, NATO Science for Peace, Series IOP, Amsterdam, 2010, 80-91.[pdf]
  • René van Peer: Driven by the Sun. Hungarian singer Atilla Grandpierre talks about the magical power of his music. NRC Handelsblatt, January 15, 2010
  • Grandpierre, A. 2009, Ancient People of the Royal Magi: The Magyars. In: Selected Studies in Hungarian History, ed. by László Botos, 2009, 351-382, HUN-Idea Publishers ANCIENT PEOPLE OF THE ROYAL MAGI (pdf)
  • Reka A. Francisck, 2009. Hungary is the Cradle of Folk Music. Interview Diplomacy and Trade, 2009/2
  • Grandpierre, A. 2008, Cosmic Life Forms. A Chapter in From Fossils to /Astrobiology. Records of Life on Earth and the search for Extraterrestrial Biosignatures Series: Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology , Vol. 12 Seckbach, Joseph; Walsh, Maud (Eds.) 2008, XXXVI, 548 p., Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4020-8836-0 Grandpierre2008CosmicLifeForms (pdf) [doc version]
  • Grandpierre, A. 2008, Fundamental Complexity Measures of Life. A chapter in: “Divine Action or Natural Selection”. Ed. J. Seckbach, World Scientific, pp. 569-615, [pdf version, together with the Dialogue with Phillip Ball] Original version, Chapter 28, published by World Scientific
  • Grandpierre, A. 2007, Biological Extension of the Action Principle: Endpoint Determination beyond the Quantum Level and the Ultimate Physical Roots of Consciousness. NeuroQuantology, Vol. 5, No. 4, 346-362 [PDF].
  • Grandpierre, A. and Agoston, G. 2005. On the onset of thermal metastabilities in the solar core, Astrophysics and Space Science, 298(4): 537-552, 2005 August, [pdf]
  • Grandpierre, A. 2004. Conceptual steps towards exploring the fundamental nature of our Sun, Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems, 2(1), 12-28, 2004. (rtf) (pdf)
  • Grandpierre, A. 2003. On the Fundamental Worldview of the Integral Culture Integrating Science, Religion, and Art: 1st Part. World Futures, 59: 463-483, 2003. (pdf)
  • Grandpierre, A. 2003. The Dynamics of Time and Timelessness: Philosophy, Physics and Prospects for our Life. (pdf) in: The Nature of Time: Geometry, Physics and Perception. R. Buccheri, M. Saniga and W. M. Stuckey, eds. NATO Science Series II. Mathematics Physics and Chemistry – Vol. 95, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Published in Netherlands, 383-392, 2003. (pdf)
  • Grandpierre, A. 2002. The Fundamental Principles of Existence and the Origin of Physical Laws. Ultimate Reality and Meaning, Vol. , 25 (2): 127-147, 2002. (pdf)
  • Grandpierre, A. 2001, Measurement of Collective and Social Fields of Consciousness pdf . World Futures. The Journal of General Evolution. Vol. 57 (1), 85-94.
  • Grandpierre, A. 2000. The Nature of the Universe and The Ultimate Organizational Principle pdf . Ultimate Reality and Meaning, Vol. 23, 12-35, 2000.
  • Grandpierre, A. 1999. The Nature of Man-Universe connections pdf . The Noetic Journal. An international forum on the cosmology of consciousness. Vol. 2, No. 1, 1999, 52-66.
  • Grandpierre, A. 1997. The Physics of Collective Consciousness. pdf . World Futures. The Journal of General Evolution. Vol. 43, 23-56.
  • Grandpierre, A. 1996. On the origin of solar cycle periodicity. Grandpierre1996OnTheOriginOfSolarCyclePeriodicity. Astrophysics and Space Science Volume 243, Issue 2, pp.393-400
  • Grandpierre, A. 1996. A pulsating-ejecting solar core model and the solar neutrino problem. Grandpierre1996Pulsating Astron. Astrophys. Vol. 308: 199-212, 1996
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  • Grandpierre, A. 1991. A convective model for solar and stellar flares. Grandpierre1991AConvectiveModel Mem. Societˆ Astronomica Italiana 62: 401-407.
  • Grandpierre, A. 1990. How is the Sun Working? Grandpierre1990HowIsTheSunWorking Solar Physics 128: 3-6.
  • Grandpierre, A. 1989. ON THE INADEQUACIES OF THE MAGNETIC FLARE THEORIES AND THE RESOLUTION OF THESE PROBLEMS WITH THE CONVECTIVE FLARE THEORY, Grandpierre1989ON THE INADEQUACIES OF THE MAGNETIC FLARE THEORIES Published in: I. A. U. Colloqium No. 104, 15-19, held in August 1988 at Stanford University, California, USA, ed. B. M. Haish and M. Rodono 1989, 365-368
  • Grandpierre, A. 1988. Flares: Magnetic or Convective Origin? Grandpierre1988Flares – Magnetic or Convective OriginA in “Activity in Cool Star Envelopes”, ed. O. Havnes et al., Kluwer Academic Press, 159-162
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  • Grandpierre, A. 1981. On Convection in Stars Being Far from Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium, Astrophys. Space Sci. 75: 307-314. Grandpierre1981On_Convection_In_Stellar_Atmospheres
  • Short biography: Curriculum Vitae 2021
  • Earlier astrophysical papers: www.konkoly.hu/staff/grandpierre
  • Interesting biography: A biography of my scientific interests
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  • https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Attila_Grandpierre Attila Grandpierre on ResearchGate