Musical laws of the world evolution.

Musical laws of the world evolution.

Musical laws of the world evolution

It was shown that the inner world of the human beings consists of four

levels, the awaken, conscious mind, the deep-mind, processing the informations originating from the outer physical world and the inner psychical world from the deeper mind levels, as the genetic mind, dealing with the personal traits received by the genes, what is the personal information field in which all the informations from the outer world are interpreted, and the ultimate, deepest mind level, the inner world process, what is the simultaneous unfolding of the Universe as a whole, being the source of creativity and maintaining the personal connection with the cosmic scene (A. Grandpierre, 1995a; see also R. M. May, 1993). It is pointed out, that the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy and the Universe as a whole may easily be living systems, capable to self-regulation (Lovelock, 1978) and showing other signs of life (Sheldrake, 1990), including the phenomenon of the structured, many levelled inner worlds (Grandpierre, 1995a).

The research of Abraham Maslow has shown that the peak experiences of the human life are most frequently related to the listening of music (Maslow, 1976). The researches of the music psychologists Elemér Gyulai (1968) and Mária Sági (1981) revealed that when intensively listening to music, most people experiences cosmic visions, mostle related to Earth. These results suggest that the listening to music may trigger states of mind resonant to cosmic, especially to earthly information fields. On the other hand, it is well known (Schumann, König 1954, König 1989) that the standing electromagnetic waves of the Earth, belonging to the sizes of the cavity formed by the ionosphere and the surface of the Earth, termed as Schumann waves have characteristic frequencies around 10 Hz, as the length of the equator is around l = 40 000 km, the propagation velocity of the electromagnetic waves are c = 300 000 km/s, so the related frequency is given by f = c/l = 7.5 cycle/s = 7.5 Hz. This frequancy range is in the range of the EEG brain waves, the awaken mental waves b = 30-40 Hz, a =10 Hz, d = 4-8 Hz, q = 0-4 Hz. This coincidence with the facts listed above strongly suggests that the mental levels of the Earth and humans may directly interact.

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