Atilla Grandpierre – Short biography

Atilla Grandpierre – Short biography

Grandpierre Attila – short biography

Astrophysicist, physicist, candidate of physical sciences (1984). Chief researcher of the Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Publishes regularly in leading expert astrophysical journals. Participates in the Neutrino Group of the Particle and Nuclear Research Institute. Co-operating with the Italian neutrino research group Borexino.

Member of the Editorial Boards of the Noetic Journal. The Journal of the Cosmology of Consciousness; and the World Futures. The Journal of General Evolution international scientific journals. Member of the 6th Regional Meeting of the International Society of Ultimate Reality and Meaning Scientific Organising Committee.

Consciousness research: Director of the international team of leading scientist formed the Collective Consciousness Group of the Budapest Club.

Member of the Society for Scientific Exploration and the Scientific and Medical Network international scientific societies.

Philosophy: More than 300 published papers on philosophy and popular science (Acta Philosophica, Forrás, Janus, Természet Világa, KAPU, Elixír, Harmadik Szem, Természetgyógyász Magazin etc.).

Publicist: regularly publishing articles in journals and newspapers (Magyar Nemzet, KAPU).

Poet: two poetry books are published: A Mindenség õrjítõ varázsa (cca. The Ferocious Magic of the Universe) (1994) reached the 2nd position in the international chart of a leading bookshop of Budapest, Írók Könyvesboltja (Bookshop of Writers). My second poetry book is Emeletes Mesehajó – elmeutazás a csillagerõhöz-eleven versfa (cca. Many-levelled Fairy Ship – mental trip to the stellar power – alive poem-tree) (2000).

Writer: Élõ Világegyetem/Universe Alive, a science book, work in progress.

Actor; Leading roles: A Kutya Éji Dala (Bódy Gábor, 1983), Noah Delta Two (Michael Pilz, 1985).

Musician, composer, vocalist of Vágtázó Halottkémek(VHK)/cca. Galloping Coroners. Discography:

A track on a compilation LP “ Fix Planet!” An international record. ATATAK, Düsseldorf,

Galloping Coroners, demo tape, 1985, Budapest
Siberian Shamans/Galloping Coroners cassette tape, Center for Shamanic Studies, 1987, Mill Valley, California, USA
Teach Death a Lesson, LP, MC, Sonic Boom (1988), Germany, Hungary; also released by Alternative Tentacles, USA, 1990 (LP, CD)
Mind-deepening, poem with musical action, published on tape, Solidart-Minifest, Talentum, Szkárosy Endre &ÚHF, Budapest, 1990
Jump Out the World-Instinct, live LP, MC, Sonic Boom (1990), Germany; released also by Alternative Tentacles, USA, 1990 (LP, CD)
Hammering on the Doors of Nothingness, Sonic Boom and Alternative Tentacles, CD, LP, MC, 1992, USA, Great-Britain, Germany, Hungary
Garage III, Magyar Rock (Hungarian Rock), compilation tape, No. MK 014, Rockland, Hungary, 1992
Giant Space!, live CD, MC, VHK – Rockland, Hungary, 1994
The Futility of a Well Ordered Life. A Catalogue Sampler. Virus 147CD, USA.
11.) Reconquering Eden – 1st attack, 1997 March, VHK-MCD, Hungary

12.) Reconquering Eden – 2nd attack, 1998 August, VHK-Periferic Records, Hungary

13.) Dancing with the Sun, 1999 December, Hungary/2000 /May, USA, Europe, VHK-Neurot Recordings

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